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Notice 609 Privacy Act Notice Catalog Number 22710P Notice 784 Could You be Personally Liable for Certain Unpaid Federal Taxes www.irs.gov Form 4180 Rev. 8-2012 Page 2 Section IV - Business Information 1. Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Form 4180 Report of Interview with Individual Relative to Trust Fund Recovery August 2012 Penalty or Personal Liability for Excise Taxes Instructions The interviewer must prepare this form either in person or via telephone. Do not leave...
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Who needs form 4180?

Form 4180 is an interview report filed out by an IRS officer who has held an interview.

What is form 4180 for?

When economic situation isn't favorable, many businesses decide to use payroll tax money to stay afloat. But more often than not they get into troubles when not paying this money back to the IRS. In this case, the IRS starts its investigation to find people responsible for tax withholding. Form 4180 serves to record the interview which is a part of this investigation.

Is form 4180 accompanied by other forms?

As a rule, form 4180 does not include any attachments. However, there is a separate page designed for additional information.

When is form 4180 due?

Form 4180 has no deadline. It is being completed while the IRS conducts its Trust Fund Investigation.

How do I fill out form 4180?

The form itself is a list of questions to be answered by the interviewed person. In total, there are four fillable pages and seven sections. In the first section an interviewer reports identity information of the person being interviewed. Section 2 is to record the responsibilities an interviewed person carries out in a company. Section 3 provides interviewer's and interviewee's signatures. Section 4 contains business information while section 5 reports individual's knowledge about the company's financial obligations. Not only interviewer but also an interviewee may look through the questions before the interview.

Where do I send form 4180?

Initially, form 4180 serves to provide the IRS with details of the investigation for the IRS to define the penalty. Thus, form 4180 is sent to the IRS once it is completed.

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Instructions and Help about 4180 forms
Hey guys welcome to our channel this is Robert I'm a tax attorney here at TRP, and we're going to talk about the IRS form 4180 interview trust fund recovery penalties and the IRS uses a form 4180 interview in order to determine liability for unpaid payroll tax debts basically they're looking to find people to be individually responsible for not paying the payroll tax debts they're going to ask things like what's your job title do you sign or send payroll tax returns what's your control over bank accounts do you make payroll payments do you authorize them were other bills being paid instead of the payroll tax um that's what they're looking for there's going to be other questions they ask as well related to basically control of finances and if you're using a service provider they're going to ask questions about that service provider as well and after going through all the information the IRS will get back to you at some point and make a determination whether you are liable personally for the trust fund recovery penalty which is the base tax from that amount, and they want to see whose responsible and find that...
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